You might be bidding on the first and phattest of portable synthesizers. The Moog Minimoog is the most sought after and most influential synthesizer ever made. Most will say it has the richest, most alive analog tone of any portable monophonic keyboard. Especially when it comes to the bass.

This Moog has been suped up with the two best Moog mods. First, instead of a pitch-bend wheel, this Moog has a pitch ribbon which is much more versatile and expressive. You can tap on and off different notes, employ one directional slides, and add vibrato like a violin player would. Follow the link below for a Quicktime video.

The other modification is built-in midi. There's a Synhouse Moogiestyle Midijack installed by the main output. You'll want to read the manual (included) as there's a microcomputer and a small button an inch from the midi input. Push the button to turn midi on, choose a midi channel, or to clear the buffer (midi panic button). Hold the button a half second to turn the midi off. Hold it 5 seconds to set the range (transpose).You can play The Cosmic Moog from a midi keyboard with the much preferable last note triggering (instead of low-note priority). Power up The Cosmic Moog while holding the midi button to set the remote keyboard to play with multiple triggering instead of the legato single-note triggering of the Minimoog keyboard.

Plays great from the keyboard, too. All keys flat, white (or black) and fully functional. All key contacts and pots clean. No missing screws. All three oscillators are stable, tuned and scaled. Cosmetically, she's in very good condition except for the wood which has a weathered journeyman look to show for 23 years of cosmic moog action. Follow the link below for close-ups. This Moog, Minimoog #11118, has the newer, more stable oscillators. Follow the link below to hear the phat tones of The Cosmic Moog.

Also included in this auction; a copy of Tom Rhea's "The Minimoog Model D Operation Manual" and 48 suggested Minimoog patches plus blank patch pages for your own sounds. Also included, The Cosmic Plug. Jam it in the S-Trigger jack to prop open that Moog filter for use with external signals coming into the 1/4 inch input. $50 shipping, paypal preferred. Proper packing assured.

This Moog comes from the studio of The Cosmic Joke. Certificate of authenticity upon request. Follow the link below for more pictures, mp3s, and a quicktime video of The Cosmic Moog being run through its motions (one take, no effects, no multitracking).

The Cosmic Moog at

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